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you don't wanna do this. - oh, yeah. actually, i do. - the whole restaurant just saw you. - who are you working for? - look...amaro... i think we got off on the wrong foot here. - man, shut up! i don't like you, i don't trust you. just tell me who you're working for. - you know i can't do that! i can't tell you who i report to. all right? you know that! i'm u.c. i'm investigating ganzel and all the people that he has on the take: vice, d.a.s, nypd white shirts. - that's good, sweetheart. - it's stuck on something. - get down. you'll hurt yourself. - i loved carissa too. but perhaps work would take your mind off of your grief. - shiva, barry, means seven days. i've been at it for four. i got it. son of a bitch.
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[cell phone ringing] - let that go to voicemail. carissa. - right. carissa. look, she calls me that night. okay? she's hysterical. she says that you were inappropriate with her. frankly, right now, i kind of see how she got that impression. - she lied. i never touched her. - well, then, you missed out, m'ijo. she had a real thing for cops. - did you tell ganzel what she said? - it never came up. but after, carissa-- she calls ganzel on his private cell, right? i don't even have that number. and after that, ganzel tells me he's worried about her. says that she sounded a little jinky. - is that when ganzel told you to keep an eye on her? follow her? - what? what are you saying? what-- what, you think i killed her? - it wasn't cragen. - 'course it wasn't cragen. cragen got set up real good. and so did she. - right, and your boss sent her to cragen. - look, my money-- my money's on delia.
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- carissa was ganzel's girl. - carissa was everybody's girl! all right? grow up! so delia blackmails her into setting up cragen and me. - you were just a cover story, man...all right? you were an excuse for her to work cragen. - then delia double-crosses her. - delia double-crosses everybody. - cassidy's working on ganzel to cooperate. if he i.d.s delia's thugs, then-- - he won't! and delia is too smart to hire guys who will roll over. - maybe not. i mean, there's got to be somebody we've got leverage on. - there was: iris. delia took care of her. - don't forget anya solar. - munch, not helping. - yeah, but he's right. five murders, and the only person being charged is me. she's good. - we're not giving up, captain. try and stay positive. - i don't need slogans, rollins. just get me out of here. - when's the last time you talked to cassidy?
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- yesterday. we wanted him to get ganzel to cooperate--why? - one of the bugs in ganzel's loft went dead last night. i left a signal for cassidy, and haven't heard from him. can you try and find him? - i will, yeah. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between.
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- coming. olivia. what's up? - what's up? - mm. - you tell me. - what, you want to see my memo book? - we've lost contact with cassidy. i talked to his mother, she said that you were the last person that he was seen with. - i needed some answers. - yeah? is that why you locked him in the men's room? - it turns out he was holding back about carissa.
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he told me she and ganzel had a private cell. ganzel was the last person she spoke to that night. - and he just volunteered this? - yeah. once i put a gun to his head. - what? you kidding me? i'm sorry. nick, let's take it outside. i don't want to wake up your family. - no, they're-- they're not here. maria, she accepted a job in d.c. took zara with her. but it's--it's temporary. - nick, i'm so sorry. - it's late, and... i need to try to sleep. - and show up tomorrow.
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- freeze! - whoa, whoa! whoa, hey, hey! boss, it's me. what the hell? - get down. hands up. - really? how about one or the other, boss, huh? - cassidy, you scared the piss out of me. - what the hell are you talking about? you called me. - where have you been? - taking care of business. i brought you chinese food. give me that. what do you need, hmm? - the way delia got to iris and carissa, she's always one step ahead, she's got spies. - hey, boss, you got to calm down here. - bugs. bugs. the loft! you gotta check it. a bug sweep. every inch, chop-chop. - they spent the whole day, boss, and they can't tell just from these little things where they're transmitting to. you know, we should've left them on. whoever planted these things is going to know that we're on to them. - no, i need privacy in my own home. and who the hell did plant them? i hired you to provide security.
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- i get that you're upset, boss, okay? i get that. but a lot of people come through this loft. it could've been anybody, all right? one of delia's girls. - how long where they in operation? - i don't know. - you don't know who, how or when. what do you know? - whoa. you either trust me or you don't, huh? - you're right. i'm just-- carissa was my rock. - hey, look. there's no time to wallow here, okay? if nypd planted those bugs, then we need to get in front of it. i'm out on the same limb you are, right? i'll call them. - where's your counsel, ms. wilson? - i had to let mr. exley go, your honor. after he posted bond, he seemed to misunderstand the nature of our relationship. as i have no financial resources to hire another attorney, i'll be representing myself. - if this is another delaying tactic-- - not at all. in light of the tragic suicide of iris peterson, i'd like to file a motion to dismiss.
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the state doesn't have a shred of evidence to support the charges against me. - does the d.a.'s office still have a case, ms. foster? - yes, your honor. we're holding a material witness to several violent crimes orchestrated by delia wilson, including what we intend to prove was the murder of iris peterson. - i run a matchmaking business. these strong-arm tactics are the d.a.'s attempt to blackmail me into revealing the names of my clients. - we're pursuing a charge of homicide. the m.e.s report ruling the circumstances of iris peterson's death undetermined, pending investigation. - which i'll be retaining my own experts to refute. the m.e., melinda warner, has a personal relationship with accused murderer captain donald cragen, which has biased her findings. - retain away, ms. wilson. that's your prerogative. but i'm not dismissing these charges. - i've assured my boss that svu plays clean. - if my man cassidy tells me to have faith in you detectives, i have faith.
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- our only agenda is to prove that delia killed iris peterson. - no offense, sweetheart, but if you could nail me too, you would. - watch yourself. - he meant that as a compliment, detective. now, if we could, let's cut to the chase. - well, we understand delia sent some thugs around to threaten you. what can you tell us? - it was a couple months ago. three goons, thick necks, big guns. they took baseball bats to my tvs, my artwork. called them "p.b.s. sticks." - "pimp, be smart." it's a catchy acronym. - the geniuses forgot one bat. i got here after they left. i bagged anything they might have touched. you'll probably find a print. - hello? this is why i keep ex-nypd on my payroll. new york's finest. - why didn't you call the police? - we didn't want to bother nypd with such a trivial matter. - but now we're talking murder. i read iris had two daughters. heartbreaking. - well, we'll need the bat, and we'll also need you to testify at the grand jury. - testifying against delia wilson
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will put my client at considerable risk. the gger the risk, the bigger the reward. - bart ganzel thinks he's gonna get full immunity? he wants us to throw out three years of wiretaps? screw him. - hold on. he needs something to restore his faith in cassidy. - counselor. - [sighs] what do you suggest, detectives? - okay, so the first murder, right? maggie murphy at the bachelor party. now, we know that was delia and anya setting ganzel up. - so give him a pass on that, before delia catches wind that ganzel's cooperating. - okay, i get it, detectives. let's just hope ganzel has something real. - we matched three sets of prints. two of delia's thugs skipped an hour before the d.a.'s investigators got there. - but the third one had packed his bags, told his wife he was flying down to mexico city, but instead spent the night with his little side piece at some hot-sheet airport motel, where he was arrested this morning.
10:13 pm
- sans culottes? beautiful. - and his lover's talking? - not yet. - well, there's one way to up the pressure. ganzel's good this guy? - yeah. the emperor just needs a minute. he's been a little itchy lately. - he found bugs, cassidy. you need to end this. - liv, i put in three years. i'm not pulling out now. you want to help me? you tell your idiot partner to keep it in his pants. - i already did. look, he's under a lot of pressure. - and i'm not? come on, liv. ganzel goes on a paranoid coke binge, and butch boy pulls a gun on me with my mom-- - it's taken care of. - something going on between you two, liv? - don't be an ass. - do you two need a room? - no, we're all good. let's roll, boss. - cassidy, you drive with ganzel. i'll follow. - you don't trust me to show up? - nypd, they get a little anxious. hey. hey, moron. get away from the car. - police! stop! police! - hey do you hear me? i said back up.
10:14 pm
- or what? - stop! nypd! - you don't want to do that, pal. - you back off, or i'll shoot him. - not--not necessary. - stop! - drop the gun! [siren wailing] - you drop your gun! - get back against the pole. - put the gun down. - you put yours down. - police! don't move! - police! don't shoot! i'm on the job! - i'm on the job! - don't move! both of you, drop it! - no, i'm on the job! - i said freeze! - i'm a cop. i'm on the job. - police! police! on the job. don't shoot. don't shoot. - liv, get b-- liv, get back! - no! no! cassidy, cassidy. 10-13, 10-13, officer down, officer down. vandam and varick. a p.o. was shot. cassidy. oh, my god. call a bus!
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just doing what needed to be done. that's how heroes talk.
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tiny needle, big protection. - stay with me, cassidy, okay?
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you hang in there. [monitor beeping] we're gonna be there soon, okay? [monitor flatlines] do something. - we lost him. clear. [defibrillator thumps] - liv, you okay? - cassidy got hit, twice. - what the hell happened? - he got shot by a uni, some rookie. - did cassidy i.d. himself? - yes, but the uni must've panicked or-- - or what? what? - i don't know. - i.a.b. wants your statement. - they should question the shooter first. - they need to talk to you too. - after i see how he's doing. when cassidy and i worked together, we had this, uh... moment. i didn't handle it well. - that was a long time ago. he probably doesn't hold that against you. - no, he probably does. - bullet missed the artery, but it got the spleen. he's still in surgery. [cell phone ringing] - but he's gonna pull through. - doctors are like cops. they don't like to make promises. - harris. - i want to see my man. detective benson, how's he doing? gonna be okay?
10:20 pm
- they're doing the best they can. - i'll make some calls. i know people, cardiologists. get a second opinion, whatever he needs. private room, the best. i want to take care of him. - that's very generous of you. - i'm out of my mind here. those-- those punks. cassidy took a bullet for me. the guy's ex-nypd, gets shot by his own team. what's that about? - i don't know, but i can promise you we're gonna find out. - that's good. he's got all of you on his side still. that's loyalty. - benson. i.a.b. wants to see you now. they said it's good if i come along. - look, i, uh, i don't need anybody to hold my hand, so... - not your call. - that's the shooter. who is she? - alana gonzalez. two years with the 11th. clean sheet. first time firing her weapon. - yeah, and her last. it was a bad shooting. - my job, not yours. - tell him what you saw. - two male blacks, one younger, one older, bald.
10:21 pm
the young one bolts. i give chase. the older one pulls his weapon on ganzel. cassidy draws his gun. - did you see the officers aive? - i caught a glimpse. and the radio car, i must say, arrived exceptionally fast. - so cassidy's gun was drawn. did they tell him to freeze? - he shouted, "i'm on the job." i came running back, arms up, screaming, "don't shoot. don't shoot." and gonzalez shot cassidy twice at point-blank range. - did you see him freeze? - i can't swear to that, but i know that-- - gonzalez and her partner both claim they were in imminent danger. - well, they're lying. i mean, those guys just happened to be breaking into ganzel's car right when we come down? the cops arrive that fast. are you kidding me? - benson, just let i.a.b. do their investigation. - did you interview the car thieves? - no, the kid you caught lawyered up. - oh, well, i wonder who's paying. did you check the officers' financials? huh?
10:22 pm
- can we have the room? - you're gonna let i.a.b. handle this? - that's the protocol. they'll piece it together. if this was a setup-- - if? both officers used the phrase "imminent danger." they're being coached. - okay. so you say that these rookie cops were paid to kill one of our own. - i'm saying that ganzel made cassidy. he set him up. - timeline makes sense. that kid you caught, young? - barely shaving. - maybe i.a.b. isn't the way to go. [door lock buzzes]
10:23 pm
- they said i had a visitor. i know you? - that guy that got shot, he's a friend of the family. - yo, i ain't have nothing to do with that. - i know, you were just trying to steal some wheels, hasdrubal. but you know how nypd and d.o.c. get when one of our own gets shot. - yeah, i'm starting to find that out. yo, i swear, i didn't know he was a cop. - just do yourself a favor. tell me what you did know. that punk hasdrubal told me he just started working for that car theft ring. that morning, he got a tip to stand by for a rolls. - hey. look, you either trust me, or you don't. - sit down, nick. come on. - yeah. - [sighs]
10:24 pm
how's cassidy? - he's sedated, but he's out of critical condition. - that could've been you that got shot. i mean, we all got to watch each other's backs. - so this shooting, it was a setup? - hasdrubal got a "go" call two minutes before cassidy stepped outside from this number, a no-name cell. - and i'm betting that officer gonzalez got the same "go" call right after that one. - so the night carissa was killed, she called nick, she called the squad room, and she called cassidy once. but there was a number that we couldn't trace. bingo. number matches the "go" call. - well, cassidy told me carissa called ganzel that night on his private cell. you want to bet that's it? - ganzel set up his own carjacking. he made both of those calls when cassidy and i were waiting for him. - so these rookies, they give anything to i.a.b.? - what do you think? - friendly fire, that's bad enough. but a prearranged hit on a u.c.? we're on our own.
10:25 pm
- that's gotta be her. - officer gonzalez? can we talk to you for a minute? - i'm with my sister. - well, we can do this here, or we can take a walk. - are you with i.a.b.? i already spoke-- - no, we've got some bad news. the cop you shot, he died. - i told i.a.b. i didn't know he was a cop. - then you're the only one who didn't. this was a hit. one of the car thieves told us everything. - those two pieces of crap. of course they're gonna say cops did it. - you're facing a murder charge on a fellow officer. - i should call my p.b.a. delegate. - yeah, do that. they really like cop killers. because you crossed a line here, officer. i don't know if you understand exactly where you are right now. you pulled the trigger.
10:26 pm
- look, alana, we know this wasn't your idea. you really wanna take all the weight? cuantos anos tu tienes? veinticuatro? your life would be over. buena suerte. - wait! - so after roll call, gonzalez's sergeant, ted koundak, pulls her aside. he says, "we have a tip on a car ring." he shows her cassidy's photo, he says that he's armed and dangerous, and that if she takes him out, she'll get her shield. - and gonzalez believed him? - well, we left out two things. koundak is her rabbi, and she's sleeping with him. - that i believe.
10:27 pm
- so this sergeant koundak, his name ever come up on the wiretaps? [cell phone beeps] - i'd have to check. it was three years. cassidy's out of the woods. go see if he can make him. - ted koundak, that schmuck. he used to hang around a little bit, you know. he had a thing for spanish girls. are you gonna tell me that he paid that chick to put two bullets in me? - ganzel called in a favor. - ganzel? - yeah. - but ganzel paid for these flowers. he paid for this room. - cassidy... - ow. ow. - ganzel made you. you okay? - yeah, but i mean, can you blame the guy? i mean, really. those bugs. stupid bugs. - you should've told foster. - no way. she would've just pulled me in. and then what? i go back to investigating dry cleaner break-ins? i'm like you, liv. [groans] this job is the only thing i got.
10:28 pm
- i'm not who i used to be. - sure you are. - no. i'm not. - that was nice. [chuckles] - something about a man in a hospital bed. - okay, florence nightingale. - you think cassidy's undercover, you fire him. you don't shoot him. what, you thought koundak would stay loyal? - yeah, friggin' armenian. give me a hand with this. - [scoffs] where are you going? - israel, my homeland. - mazel tov. you can't leave the country. - get me on a private jet, boat, friggin' bicycle.
10:29 pm
- calm down. my advice, turn yourself in quietly. - you know what, barry? that advice sucks. something else--i go down, you go down with me. - bart. - what? - police. - joy, you let them in? - bart ganzel, you're under arrest. promoting prostitution, bribery-- - look, we can work this out. - you got to be kidding me. - hey, that's my partner! now, bart, you're under arrest. - [chuckles]
10:30 pm
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[ dennis ] mayhem is everywhere. thto want the very best publicly education system for yourte to.n teacchildren.ome test... i'm barack obama and i approve this message. of a three-year investigation into bart ganzel's illegal business enterprises. we intend to bring multiple charges, including the attempted murder of an undercover police officer. - which my client will be pleading not guilty to
10:34 pm
on all counts, your honor. - i wouldn't expect anything less, mr. querns. - thank you, your honor. - people on bail. - we request remand. mr. ganzel was apprehended while attempting to flee. - he was arrested when in residence. he is perfectly willing to surrender his passport. - we also have evidence that mr. querns is part of the conspiracy. we will be moving to have him removed as counsel. - one step at a time. pending mr. ganzel agreeing to house arrest and electronic monitoring-- - your honor, his house is a house of prostitution. - bail is set at 200,000. [bangs gavel] - get your hands off me. i made bail. - they have to process you, bart. it's all routine. - easy, easy. i have bursitis in this shoulder. - your client's a piece of work. - if that threat to have me removed as mr. ganzel's counsel was an opening salvo, i'll bury public integrity in so many motions, it'll make vesuvius look like an early autumn flurry. - welcome to pompeii.
10:35 pm
- an employment contract for maggie murphy? i never hired that poor girl. i never even met her. - yeah, but you did execute contracts for all the other girls ganzel supplied to the, uh, bacchanal. - entertainers. all legal, no one underage. - d.a.'s having trouble taking your word for it. - this is just a pretext to search my records, my files, my clients' files. - we're looking for one document. it could be anywhere. email, hard drive. she wants to go through it all. - you mean she wants to put me out of work until i cooperate. stop this inquisition. i'll speak with your d.a. - mr. querns, we have three years of you on wiretaps, helping mr. ganzel run his business, hide his cash, edit his ads to maintain the illusion he ran an escort service. let me be clear. you are a target of this investigation as well. and you can see where this goes. - yet here i am. three years' worth of tapes.
10:36 pm
what more could you possibly want? - we have you and ganzel on racketeering. we don't have anything on the former governor's murder. - i know nothing about that. - yeah, but ganzel does. and he trusts you. - i'm sure you're not telling me to betray a client's trust. - of course not. - but he is a liability. you won't just lose your license. you'll go to prison. - i believe in loyalty. - yeah, well, your client, not so much. you know, this respect that you're paying him-- you should hear the things that he says when your back is turned. - this is a courtesy, and it's off the record. - where's barry? get that schwartze down here to mop up this mess. barry's with me ten years. that bufte's never touched a girl. talk about an african queen. here's the beauty part. my signature's not on anything. it's all barry. i had another lawyer set it up.
10:37 pm
let barry think he's the h.n.i.c. - ah, the casual racism of the sweaty underclass. - there's hours of this. - i get the gist, detective. - do you? we both know as long as you still represent ganzel, we can't help each other. - no offense. - none taken. - go. scram. make yourself scarce. get out of here. chop-chop! i'll never find anybody as good as cassidy. this friggin' thing. - bart. - what? - i'm here to tell you i can no longer represent you. - [chuckles] what? you're serious? you're not my lawyer. - that's correct. - that's just great.
10:38 pm
now that they're coming after me--sinking ship, barry. what am i supposed to do? - you hire another attorney. - yeah, i'll get right on that. in the meantime, i just need you to tell me what i should do. - i'm not-- - what, you bitching about giving me a freebie? i got a problem here. - i'd advise: retain another attorney. they have a case for promoting prostitution, for arranging a hit of a police officer-- - cassidy didn't die. - lucky for you, or you'd be looking at a murder charge. - i still am. let me ask you... um... is pillow talk admissible or hearsay? i have to spell this out for you? carissa, she and cassidy were sleeping together. she must've told him everything. i got to finish the job on him. - hold up. by everything, you mean--
10:39 pm
- i sent her to cragen. simple frame job. she'd drug him, get him in bed. i'd come in, snap some photos. - bart, what did you do? - i killed her. - what? - i didn't mean to. it was going great. she was a champ. she got naked, scratched his back, posed for the photos. then she starts crying, saying how cassidy told her if i loved her, i'd treat her with respect. can you believe that? the guy's on my payroll. turns he's u.c., and he's screwing my fiancee. - bart, you don't know that. - oh, yeah, i do. 'cause then she tells me she's in love with cassidy, and she's gonna leave me for him. i go crazy. i go into the kitchen, grab a knife. i kind of had a-- what do you call it? an o.j. moment?
10:40 pm
- so that's why you shot cassidy. so he wouldn't testify. - yeah, that. he pissed me off. - querns taped the whole thing on his cell phone. did cassidy confirm it? - and admitted that he and carissa have been having an affair since christmas eve. swears she never mentioned anything about killing the governor or setting up cragen. - and he didn't tell me about the affair. that son of a bitch jeopardized a three-year investigation. - well, like you said, everyone has secrets. so... when do i get to tell my captain he's off the hook? - about that. um... it's not as simple as you'd think. [door lock buzzes] - thanks for everything, liv. - of course. - what is it? - delia wilson cut a deal with the d.a.
10:41 pm
she walks in exchange for her cooperation. - against ganzel? - against you. delia had three of her girls testify at a grand jury. foster's charging you with solicitation, assault, forced sodomy, and use of a deadly weapon. there are laws so, explain this.? how can something get bigger.. and smaller? there's more of it.. and less of it? well, i guess the laws of physics are more like.. general guidelines.
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of self-proclaimed "emperor of pleasure" bart ganzel for the murder of escort carissa gibson, the nypd remains mired in this corruption scandal, with new charges being leveled at beleaguered svu captain donald cragen, including solicitation and six counts of forced sodomy, use of a deadly weapon-- - you wonder why i believe in conspiracies? well, we're living in one. - how's cragen? - his lawyer wants him to plead no contest to the solicitation. they'll let him resign. they'll give him his pension. - he's not taking the deal. - he's thinking about it. - well, we can't let that happen. look, delia's jamming him up. we go after delia. - well, good luck. she's teflon. - you got that right. turns out there's been three undercover investigations into delia. - the first one, two months in, the u.c. resigns, moves down to anguilla. - the second one, the undercover got caught sleeping with three of her escorts. - the last one, five years ago, we talked to that u.c. 18 months of wiretaps, and the a.g. crap-canned the case. said the evidence wasn't strong enough to win.
10:46 pm
- three ups, you're out. - wait, hold up--and no one's touched delia since? - [scoffs] - yeah, i know all three of those investigations. delia got to the first two u.c.s, turned them. - yeah, and the third, 18 months of wiretaps, a squeaky-clean u.c., and the a.g. declines to prosecute? - the a.g. didn't have the appetite for a fight he couldn't win. - do you have any reason to believe that delia got to the attorney general? - no, i don't. - well, we know that she owns someone. let's at least look into it. - [sighs] look into what? olivia... you can't win them all. we took down a major player in sex trafficking. and i made sure that your captain can retire with full benefits. - and a destroyed reputation. - he did hire those women. - he didn't have sex with them.
10:47 pm
you're taking the word of prostitutes over a 30-year, respected cop. - with his share of demons. i can't have an svu captain paying for escorts. - so delia gets away with murder? maggie murphy? anya solar? iris peterson? - we don't have a shred of evidence that ties delia to those crimes. we can't even prove they were crimes. maggie could have been an overdose. iris, a suicide. anya, a car accident. - so go after them for prostitution. go after her like you did ganzel. - that ship has sailed. - what does that mean? - [sighs] i dropped those charges. i granted her immunity on them. confidentially, delia is going to be cooperating with our office on future cases. - she's turning over her client list? - we're talking to her.
10:48 pm
- okay, then. - i know i've disappointed you. and i do feel sorry for your captain. for what it's worth, olivia, i tried. [knock at door] i said no interruptions. - it's your daughter. she fell. - covertly investigating the head of the public integrity unit's finances. there's some irony there. - i'm half hoping i'm wrong.
10:49 pm
- sorry, liv. - okay, foster's salary, and then there's the cost of her daughter's treatment. i mean, aside from the home care, she gets physical therapy, experimental treatments, and even after the insurance, i found a $200,000-a-year gap. - okay, so how does foster make her payments? - not by check or credit card. i checked the financials of the therapist, the in-home nurse. each makes monthly cash deposits between five and ten grand. - okay, does foster have family money? loans? does her daughter's father kick in? - father left when sarah was diagnosed. - one more thing, liv. foster has a trust set up for her daughter. five years ago, she transferred it to an offshore account... in anguilla. - [sighs] - olivia. - sarah's okay. - yeah, we got lucky. what are you doing here? - i wanted to talk to you... about delia. - [groans] we've been over this.
10:50 pm
it's done. let it go. - yeah, but the thing is, i...can't. the care for sarah, that, uh-- that can't be cheap. - insurance covers most of it. - no, it doesn't. not by a long shot. - how is that your business? - the three-year investigation into ganzel, framing my captain... it's all about protecting delia. - where is this coming from? - anguilla. where exley hid the trust fund for your daughter. the cash payments for her physical therapy. - you looked into my finances. - we sure did. here we are, paula.
10:51 pm
you're finished. how long? - eight years. sarah was one. she needed surgery. my husband was gone. exley approached me, and he offered to help. he was on the board of a charity. he gave me a check. and then he gave me another one. he didn't tell me until later that they could be traced to delia. and in the beginning, he didn't even ask any favors. i was being paid to look the other way on things i wasn't looking at anyway. - and then it changed. - slowly. "will you run a background check or d.m.v. information?" "put in a good word on a working girl's plea bargain." and then, once they knew they had me, the asks got bigger. delia saw ganzel as a threat, asked me to keep tabs. and even then, i just thought
10:52 pm
she was a businesswoman protecting her turf. i didn't know what a monster she was. - until maggie, until anya and iris. you protected a murderer. you let her walk. you framed my captain. - okay, by then, she owned me. - she paid for you. what did you expect? - you don't understand. you don't understand what it's like to have a child completely dependent on you. agonizing about her every single day. terrified about what's gonna happen to her when you're gone. you can't ever understand that. you're not a mother. - i'm sorry about your daughter. - are you? because if you take me down, sarah's got no one. did you think about that? look at her.
10:53 pm
what do you think is gonna happen to her? - come on, paula. we're gonna go on a walk. - why? - because i have to arrest you. and i don't want your daughter to see that. - after the arrest of upper east side madam delia wilson on racketeering and murder charges, the city was stunned today by the arrest of the attorney general of the state of new york. charges included promoting prostitution, solicitation, and accepting bribes. arrested with him was a who's who of city politics: three district attorneys, the head of the d.a.'s public integrity unit, seven members of nypd's vice squad,
10:54 pm
two state senators, and two deputy mayors. - delia's girls all made a full confession, recanted their accusations. i got a handshake from this week's d.a. - told you to stay positive, huh? when will you be back at work? - well, a lot of hoops. not right away. and then when i do-- i beat the charges, but the whispers won't stop. - well, you're gonna make it through it. i mean, you know the drill. - day at a time. - well, just hurry back, captain. harris won't stop busting my chops about how i dress. - he's right. - i heard david haden turned in his resignation. - he had nothing to do with all of this. - well, even so, foster reporteto him. he should've known. - [sighs] - i'm sorry.
10:55 pm
- nick, i know that you're still angry. we should talk. - okay. we'll do that. - everything all right? - yeah. - you're worried about foster's daughter. you did what you had to do. - i know. - go home, detective. - i will.
10:56 pm
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